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Our Story

The Skinny Branch is an integrative lifestyle practice, educating & equipping people with the tools to live empowered, healthy lives in every chapter of their story. You have a place here too because everyone has a story and every story matters.

Our Philosophy

One small word says it all, there. Inspired by every essence of the word, being there for you is woven into everything we do. From our simple & secure online services to our old fashion varieties such as home or location-based visits, you have easy access to meaningful support by someone who cares.

Life is busy. It used to be tough to make & keep appointments. 

Not anymore!

Our Promise

Bringing there to you with easy to use video conferencing, email, text, phone or in person visits, you’ll have the flexibility & freedom to empower your life from the comfort and convenience of your home, office, or even when you’re on the road! More the do-it-yourselfer type? Self-directed classes are there for you too!

The Difference

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